Hi there! I'm a founder, maker and entrepreneur, who wants to make the world a better place with software.

Writing about yourself is so hard. So, what should I say here?

Should I write that I wanted to build my own business since I was 11?

Or, that I was an awful student because rather than following the lessons, I thought about coding and building projects? And that I dropped out of school to pursue my dreams?

Or would it be better to say, that I’m proud Chief Executive Optimist of two great businesses for two short years now?

I guess, it’d be more important to write about who I am. That I love design, experiences, products and brands, that I like big stages to share big ideas and small steps towards a better future.

Or maybe I should tell my readers that my businesses are 100 % free from investors and borrowed capital and that climate protection is a priority for me?

Sounds good so far. Let’s leave it that way.